Rum & Rebellion

by Rum & Rebellion

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Thirteen song debut DIY CD from Salinas, California, three-piece punk/folk/county band. Music that's straight from the heart and a bit from the hips.

From Punk Planet #73: "Rum & Rebellion (R & R) churn out country-inspired folk-esque music that is reminiscent of Fifteen and Against Me!, with seething ferocity and deeply personal odes. R & R offers us a type of socio-political commentary that is missing from our collective music collection, shedding light on a community built by migrant workers and their daily plight."

From HeartattaCk #49: "This band is fucking fantastic and recommendable to anyone who loves folk/punk and good story telling."


released August 20, 2005


all rights reserved



Rum & Rebellion Salinas, California

Straight from the heart and a little bit from the hips.

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Track Name: Oh Salinas
Oh Salinas

Brown eyes squint beneath a white cowboy hat.
Pushes a cart with the bell that rings flat.
Youngster puts a gun to his chest.
Makes off with $20 and leaves behind a bleeding mess.

Oh Salinas.

Children scream, there's adults all around.
In locked living rooms you can hear the sound;
Sirens wail as police arrive.
But all the witnesses are hiding inside.

Oh Salinas

Doctor asks if this man can pay.
"With this wound he will have to stay."
Brown eyes worries about his son back home,
Who sells a twenty sack over his dad's telephone.
Track Name: Where We're At
Where we're at

In the pre-dawn dusk of the parking lot
The workers form a line.
They board the long white transport bus
And hope the kids are fine.
Left home alone with the older ones,
The cousins will take care.
Mom wraps a t-shirt around her face
To filter out the filthy air.
No food to make the little ones,
Pop Tarts will do just fine.
We got make with what we got,
Gotta stretch every single last dime.

Why? Cause that's where we're at.

She practices her English with the T.V. on.
She hums a line in Spanish of Abuelo's favorite song.
Pass the trucks and pass the tags, She makes her way to school.
She hopes that he will look her way pues he's been acting gangster cool.

Why? Cause that's where we're at.

Another song about the salad bowl,
About the place that we live.
This valley can be a prison.
Just ask the kids.

This heritage of Steinbeck, what difference does it make?
The libraries are shut and the schools don't teach and no one can relate.
The problems that we face, they say it's always been this way.
A fatalist approach of bigger cages and longer chains.

That's where we're at.
Track Name: How Will You Choose
How Will You Choose?

What will you say, when they go away; when they leave you on your own?
Gone with their pamphlets and their ideology. No one to pick up the phone.

You will leave but it will not be soon.
Your best interest is not theirs.
When the war is over and their lies have been exposed,
Tell me how you will choose.

When the drums of war echoed, suddenly they could pronounce your name.
But it wasn't that way long ago.
They'll make room as they make more graves. But what would they have you know?
Track Name: No Charity
No Charity

Don't need no charity. I've got my own pair of lungs.
There are no voiceless, there's only repression.


Wars been declared, You've got to make a choice.
March with the president, Or you can raise your voice... in dissent.

Please step aside, cause I've got something to say.
If you won't make room, I'll make my own way.

There is no safety here and that's god's honest truth.
Protection promised ... It was a lie to you.

What good is freedom if you can't speak your mind?
Wonder when they'll take me, I wonder when it's my time?
Track Name: El Corrido de Oscar
El Corrido de Oscar

January 15th
An afternoon on Garner
Young man saw his friend being beat just around the corner.
He moved to help his friend.
Un amigo de la calle.
Le dicen son pandilleros aqui en Salinas valle.

The fight was two on one
but then became an even match.
Shooter lurked behind the boy
and flint and steel scratched.

Survivors took off running,
Left him bleeding from the head.
Collapsed into the street,
Now that boy is dead.

Police were called,
Assessed the scene,
Called it gang related.
Reporters came,
Cameras followed,
But the memory hasn't faded.
The boy's name is Oscar.
Lay dying in a coma.
A volunteer with dreams of college,
of receiving a diploma.

Detectives worked overtime,
The judge,
He approved the warrant.
Searched to home in east Salinas
two arrests to show it.

Sixteen years old,
the same age as the obit.
But the shooter's still out there,
And the cops they know it.

Lawyer holds her head.
Grown weary from the burden.
Decision's not going to be easy.
Yeah heavy hearts are hurting.

Time is all we've got,
But that's no ally here.
The sentence is tomorrow,
and there's plenty left to fear.

Two piece yellow jump suit,
cheap plastic sandals.
Juvenile hall,
Petty thugs and vandals.
shackled and chained, the boys
They stand before the judge.
who inspects the babies,
but imposes state tough love.

Every morning father rises, goes and visits the grave,
of a 16-year-old son barely, old enough to shave.
He mumbles to himself, just to hide the tears.
And when the grounds men see him talking he says it's just the years.
Track Name: Whore's Blues
Whore's Blues

Your boy's in love again.
Says it's for real.
Your boy's in love again.
His heart you did steal.
He called all over town,
told everyone the news.
That Christian boy
Gonna' sing the whore's blues.

Your boy wants to take you hand.
He wants to marry you.
Parade you up on hill,
For everyone to view.
He asks his mother
For her permission too.
She said "What's wrong with you?
You're nothing but a fool."

I got a reputation for getting around.
I love all them girls in far away towns.
And when the word is out, I loves them still.
Our hearts are big enough -- We don't need no...

I saw your boy today.
He punched me out.
He cursed my mother,
But I just let him shout.
He said you broke his heart today.
But I said "That happens."
With a shaking hand,
He wrote this on a napkin.

"You broke my heart today.
I saw you dance with George.
You broke my heart today.
You know he's nothing but a whore.
He gets around they say
And you know that it's true.
What will they think of me?
I'm nothing but a fool."
Track Name: Byline. (Song for Gary)
Byline. (Song for Gary)

Waiting for the next attack
Or a breakdown.
An event to take these feelings away.
I wonder what words they'll use to run me out of town.
I could use a vacation anyway.

I hate those flags, I hate this fucking parade.
A distraction from the truth; more filler today.
If the real news ever hit the press,
there'd be riots in the streets.
Off your couches, on your fucking feet!

I know, I know, I know, you know, but you don't really know
The things that cause you to turn upon yourself.

The darkest moment comes before the dawn and I can't find my way.
But I never thought to ask for help.
Track Name: The Right to Revolution
The Right to Revolution

In the riot shield's reflection the citizens are framed.
San Francisco's under siege tonight.
We took downtown and we're gonna take the bridge
To protest a war that isn't right.

CNN loops the footage of rocks and anarchists;
report two thousand arrests.
But what about the streets we took peacefully?
Only police took notice of this.

A game of cat and mouse with the police
Who counter respond and block off the streets.
But they can't be everywhere.

Some wore suits and some wore boots,
But dismay was our uniform
And a belief in a new world

...But the order that they place before us
As I watch my friends get hauled onto a bus;
Taken to a holding cell.

But we keep arriving to sever an artery of commerce and monopoly.
No business as usual today.

Well we know our rights and we know yours too and
We know what policy allows you to do
And you can't treat us this way.

In tyranny and inefficiency
Refuse to pledge allegiance.
And believe in another way.
Track Name: To Woody Guthrie, Ingrid Bergman, and Mandy
To Woody Guthrie, Ingrid Bergman, and Mandy

You burn me up with desire, cast a spell over me.
That's why I'm smiling like I do.

My love's cumming in handfuls, you've shaken this tree.
Can it be that I'm a fool for you?

Take me to your studio, make your art of me,
My clay is ready to mold.
My body is a canvas, take every liberty.
I ain't too young, you're not too old.

Don't want to dance with your daughter.
I want to get close to you.
Just like that book by Nabakov

I'm your pupil at the front of the room,
Waiting for your leg to cross over your knee.
I take every lesson that you give to me.
I go home and pay with my body.

Who am I kidding? I can't dance a lick,
But my smile is half the key.
If that's the truth let me unlock your heart.
Can it be that you've seduced me.

'Til they laid poor Jessie in his grave ...
Track Name: Bye Bye Anne (the night we got drunk and George blacked out)
Bye Bye Anne (the night we got drunk and George blacked out)

The lady of the hour arrived at least one hour late.
We knew that it'd be this way and she knew that we'd wait.
Yeah, you roll in with those blue, blue eyes, so calm, so cool, and so sweet.
Nervous hands and an anxious heart, instead I just shuffle my feet.

You are heading down the coast, I was just finding my head.
It's another round to keep the shakes at bay. Anne I think you been misled.
You are heading down the coast, I was just finding my head.
It's another round to keep the shakes at bay. Anne I think you been mis...

What a wonderful trainwreck you and I would make.
Tangled limbs wrapped around in sin; a mess that you can't mistake.
Well, I walk out into the street; God I know that I'm gonna be sick.
I heard we danced and I think we spoke but I know that I talked mad shit.

Wake up! And it's 4 p.m. What am I gonna' do?
I call around and I wonder out loud what my last words were to you.
Track Name: This Sin (i'masonuvabitch)
This Sin (i'masonuvabitch)

If you took your ring off would it make it better?
Just thought I'd ask.
This running around while nobody's looking.
It can't last.

But you had me without saying a word.
I got lost in those brown eyes.
Right away I knew where this was going.
Cause I'm the man your man despise.

But it was fun, for the moment;
This sin.
And I can't wait to do it again.

Midnight phone calls and early emails,
While we're at work.
It breaks my heart to break a heart.
You know, I feel like a jerk.

But I catch you eyes looking over at me
And I'm lost again.
Tell me where you want to go
And say when.

Adultery is such a funny word,
Let's call this an affair.
And if the consequence is burning in hell,
I guess I'll see you there.

One thousand words I will write to you
And some of it will be true.
But the time we spent together ...
Thank you.
Track Name: Hey Armando!
Hey Armando!

His father works along the train track.
Wonders to himself about the way things could have been.
Regrets the lessons that he taught his children.
Like how to shoot a gun and chase a Mexican.

Hey Armando!
The things you took for granted watch them slip right through our fingers.

Sits and tries to write a letter.
Send some life to a life inside,
Righteous words are the devil's pride.
Things are fine. Yeah, they could be better.
Your boy said he wants to see his dad.
I didn't write these words just to make you sad.
Track Name: The Turning Point
The Turning Point

Used to be a socialist and I used to carry a card.
I used to sell our paper to the students in the yard.
Wondered why no one bought it, then I walked into the street.
Realized no one bought it ëcause they needed something to eat.

Turned on my television to watch the candidates debate.
He said, he said arguments over articles of faith.
Wondered about the differences; subtle though they're there.
Looked at my bare cupboards and I realized no one cared.

The turning point, it's coming soon.
And in the fire that follows all will be consumed.
It's not like then cause this is now
And in the future they will wonder how
... it ever got this bad.

The turning point, it's coming soon.
And in the fire that follows all will be consumed.
It's not like then cause this is now
And in the future they will wonder how
... it came to be like this.

I lived in a police state.
They said it was for my protection.
Soldiers on the shadwos,
They question my steps' direction.
I asked him who he worked for and
He said the United States.
His voice was weak and his finger itched
And I prayed for our fate.

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