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i am plotting my way out

by Rum & Rebellion

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juntado 03:05
Here we are Huddled at the bar Everyone with a drink in their hand! Telling stories of broken hearts and marches And attempts to reclaim the land! Hay pochos, hueros, chicanos Todo estan aqui! Poetas y ladrones Cantando para ti! Presentar a mi sombra Joaquin Murrieta But you've got your destiny In your own hands! Su Palabra Es El Fusil De la Revolution Juntado! We're no minority! Me voy A la Perla Con La Plebe Gonna sing along. My friends all gonna be there Tattoo mark And Canadian John Esos versos Son para la gente Quien marchen en las calles. Por El primero De mayo Con el mundo y este valle. Presentar a mi sombra Che Guevara Tienes su destino En sus manos Su Palabra Es El Fusil De la Revolucion Levantanse! We're no minority!
no folk song 02:56
Hit the lights with no warning, Wake us up in the morning. Slap them shackles on our ankles and herd us on the bus. They say if you're in here, you ain't got nothing to lose. Staring out the window with the county blues. Before you sentence me I got something to say About how you make your living About how you earn your pay. Locking me up it don't do no one no good It puts my family on welfare, like no working man would. You got your sentencing guidelines Well I don't give a damn sentence me for my actions, sentence me as a man Not another number in an orange jump suit Your robe don't mean nothing. It's just a softer boot. The district attorney! The district attorney! The district attorney! Sure is hard on a man ... "This isn't a court of justice. This is a court of law." Words that are man-made and sure to have some flaws. You're not objective. You're just a tool of the state. Protecting wealth and property. You know I can't relate. I've seen inside your jails You fill them with our kids. The one without education, So skinny you can see their ribs. You think that this works. You are so damn wrong. There's no rehabilitation in incarceration. This is real talk. yeah, it's no folk song!
kick rocks 03:32
You got me kickin’ rocks on a dusty road in the middle of June. You told me to step if I’m gonna’ keep actin’ a fool. And while the sun beats down on me, you know I fight it off so hopelessly. I should’ve known better than to trust my own instinct. And I’m no better than a handsome crack on this crooked street. With miles and miles for me to go, I’m going to walk it straight. So I take it slow. With miles and miles for me to go, you know my new best friend Is a rolling stone. You got me kickin’ rocks in the middle of some Chunti town. And I know I gotta get home quick ‘cause my girl’s going on down. I shoulda known better than to try, try to prove my love when I’m too damn high. You got me ... Kickin’ rocks
desesperados 03:25
We gathered for the wake, though we wanted to burn the building down. Death was in the air, and the truth was rotting in my mouth. Outside the war wanted to drag us out. She took me by the hand and lifted up her blouse! Sometimes the only thing is to dance and fuck. In the street, the alley, on the bed, on the floor, on the sheets you bought the day before. She held my hand and kissed my ear and we screamed so everyone could hear. Then we laughed and we sighed because we knew it was our time. When the streets get cold you gotta start a fire. The devil's pounding on the door with a flag pinned to his lapel. He’s looking for bodies and money for his war. The door’s about to give, it’s going to reign in hell. Shine your dancing shoes, and take your final shot. Exalt your lover – ‘cause this isn’t all we’ve got! I won’t ask you to stay. I know you’re itching to go. There’s so much that I’ve said and there’s so much that you don’t know. I’ll save it for another night in another life. The one where I’m your husband, the one where you’re my wife.
boulevard 03:04
Well I hung around with the radical crowd always talking about being down for the revolution that’s to come. Filled with jargon and memorized quotes ideologues on their own black boat: clashin’ is in fashion – but it don’t make change. Like a skipping CD, saying one of these days, meanwhile smoked up in a haze, watching the world just pass us by. Now I’ve read the books and I subscribe but the questions begs and I wonder why – why are waiting for a sunnier day? Revolution is a boulevard down in Mexico pissed on by Yankees drunk on wealth. A ten letter word, but action is meaning, so tell me, what have you done? Now I believe in insurrection and institution is power’s preservation but in the day to day, that’s where we start. Like the first rain drop, little changes add up and before you know it, you’ve got a flood, instead of waiting for a big fucking bang! Ask yourself what’d I do today? Did I ask a question, did I walk away? Take it one step at a time. All alone you can’t change it all because when you do, they expect you to fall. I’ll pick you up, but what’d you do today?
hey fucker 01:53
Hey Fucker! I miss you. Where ever you are. The distance to heaven is just a beat of the heart. They ask me about you and I tell them the truth. Can’t believe what I said, can’t believe that it’s true. Hey Fucker! I miss you. Just where did you go? All of our friends, they all want to know. The distance to Heaven is just a beat of the heart. I tell them the truth and we all fall apart. I still dream about you and I still cry. Why’d you go away? Why’d you have to go and ... Hey Fucker! I miss you. Are you ready to talk? I’m no longer angry. I guess it’s time to move on. The distance to Heaven is just the beat of a heart. What’d you discover? That the end’s just the start, yeah the end’s just the start, that the end is just the start.
witness 03:13
There is no simple life. There is no American dream. There is capital and commodity and forgettin’ what you’ve seen. First you lose your tongue. Then you lose your family. Assimilate and surrender. Middle class be the death of me. We’re witness to the madness. Manifest destiny. Global reproduction squeezin’ all humanity. Wake up just to count the hours until you can go back to sleep. As if a rested body can fight this disease. I live at the intersection of Salinas and West Alisal. And I watch the traffic, all them trucks headin’ out of town. Now I’m not from here, but it’s my home now. And just like the others ... I am plotting my way out.


Seven song DIY EP from Salinas, California three-piece punk/folk/country band. Lovingly recorded in our 10'x20' storage space then neglected for years before being released, the band long since defunct.

Music that's straight from the heart and a bit from the hips.
Stories of broken hearts and marches and attempts to reclaim the land.


released August 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Rum & Rebellion Salinas, California

Straight from the heart and a little bit from the hips.

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